Mulderadweg - bicycle route in the Ore Mountains district

Places on the bicycle route: Bockau – Laboratory of Erzgebirge

Zum Übersichtsplan des Mulderadweges im Erzgebirgskreis mit den Zubringerrouten aus Bockau
Blick auf Bockau
Laborantendorf Bockau
Naturschönheit in Bockau

Surrounded by dense forest, the laboratory-village Bockau is idyllically situated in a tributary valley of the Mulde River at an altitude of 450-550 m asl. Known as a rural colony, the village was founded in the 13th century by Franconian settlers. The mining industry and the laboratory workers shaped the town’s history.  Bockau became famous for its medicine dealership. These salesmen traveled throughout all of Europe, et. al. to Leipzig, Nuremberg, Paris, Lübeck and Vienna. Thus, the production and distribution of medicines, tinctures and herbal liqueurs in the “Wurzelbucke” (Wurzel is German for “root”) became a centuries-old tradition.

The collection and the farm cultivation of medicinal herbs (angelica), the mining industry and the production of vitrolic acid, were important sources of income. In addition, the handicrafts of basket weaving, lace making and glove making flourished here. There is a museum in the technical monument “Vitriolhütte” (vitriol distillery) with an exhibition which keeps the tradition alive.  The First Spirits Museum of Saxony offers liqueur tasting as well as interesting insights into liqueur production with historical witnesses of the former laboratory.

Bockau’s current wealth is the vast forests, with well-marked hiking and biking trails, where one can discover many mysteries. There are numerous attractions for adventure and herbal tours all around Bockau, where you can enjoy nature. You will find that this region is a special gem in the Erzgebirge, and it’s worth a visit in every season. An excursion to the local mountain of Bockau, the “Morgenleithe” (814 m asl) and the miniature houses “Gretel’s Ruh” are destinations worth mentioning.

A good suggestion would be a hike along the Laboratory trail which takes you through the whole town of Bockau. 21 information boards on the houses of the former lab technicians portray the life and works of these people.

At the town hall there is an herb garden where many different herbs and medicinal plants, as well as the typical Bockau angelica can be seen.

Furthermore, there is a “Dorferlebnispfad Bockau” (village adventure trail) which offers magnificent views over the town and the surrounding area during a length of more than 5 km. On 14 information boards you can find interesting facts about the village environment. You will leave the trail with a “keen eye” for the beauties and peculiarities of the village Lebensraum.

The diverse cultural and sporting activities, especially the “Wurzelfest” (root festival) with the crowning of the “Wurzelkönigin” (root queen) might give you an occasion to visit the Laboratory village of Bockau with its beautiful landscape in the Nature Park Erzgebirge/Vogtland.

Gemeinde Bockau

Schneeberger Str. 49
D-08324 Bockau    
Telefon: +49 (0)3771 / 430100

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