Mulderadweg - bicycle route in the Ore Mountains district

Freiberger Mulde River

Kloster Altenzella bei Nossen - Foto: Marco Barnebeck /
Colditz - Foto: Marco Barnebeck /
Entspannung am Mulderadweg - Foto: Jorma Bork /

The source of the Freiberger Mulde is near Moldava (Vitava) in the Czech Republic on the Erzgebirge ridge. From there it flows westwards about 5 km before it reaches Germany near Holzhau. The river gradually curves northwards until it flows directly to the north where it reaches Freiberg. The river is named after the city of Freiberg.

Near Nossen the river flows through a valley, with depths up to 100 m, before it meets the Zschopau tributary, which empties into the Freiberger Mulde River near Töpeln. Finally, after 125 km, the Freiberger Mulde flows into the Zwickauer Mulde at Sermuth, a district of Colditz. The combined rivers are then known as the Mulde.

Along the Freiberger Mulde River near Freiberg, impressive mining landscapes have been preserved. The towns and villages along the river provide insight into the remarkable history of the cultural landscape of Saxony. Old town centers, castles, historical palaces, and museums attract tourists.

The nature of the cycling route along the Freiberger Mulde is very diverse. In addition to the hilly terrain, there is a constant change of scenery from quite side streets to bicycle trails paved and unpaved, forest and field paths, but also now and then sections with moderate traffic.

Places along the way:

Moldava (Czech Republic):
Colditz / OT Sermuth:

Photos and images on this page:, Marco Barnebeck & Jorma Bork /

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